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Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: B100BTPA


  • Flexible Bracket System
  • Never Needs Paint
  • Best Fender Bracket System in the Industry
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Minimizer offers the best fender bracket systems in the industry.

The B100BTPA  Plastic Bolt On Bracket Kit offers a bracket that won't stay bent; won't stress crack; never needs paint; softens road vibration; and is made from 100% composite material.

You need brackets that won't bend out of shape with the slightest tap or break and do nothing but cost you hard earned money. At Minimizer, our fenders AND brackets are guaranteed for life! How can Minimizer make such an offer? It's simple we have total confidence in the design and performance of our fenders and bracket kits.

The B100BTPA Plastic Bolt On Bracket Kit has brackets that have remarkable staying power when bumped or bent they give slightly and spring back into shape without dents or paint chips. These brackets will last as long as you own your Minimizer fenders we guarantee it!

Use the best fender bracket system available. Offered exclusively from Minimizer distributors worldwide.

All kits come with the applicable mounting hardware for proper installation:

  • Bracket Arms
  • Plastic Center Bracket Assembly (Plastic Arm mounted to Steel Angle)
  • Plastic Angle/Height Support
  • Mounting Flanges, Mounting Bolts, and Spacers
  • All Bolts, Washers, and Nuts


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Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: B100BTPA

Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: MINB100BTPA | Peterbilt Parts

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