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Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: B100BTPA


  • Flexible Bracket System
  • Never Needs Paint
  • Best Fender Bracket System in the Industry
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Minimizer offers the best fender bracket systems in the industry.

The B100BTPA ��� Plastic Bolt On Bracket Kit��offers a bracket that won���t stay bent; won���t stress crack; never needs paint; softens road vibration; and is made from 100% composite material.

You need brackets that won���t bend out of shape with the slightest tap or break and do nothing but cost you hard earned money. At Minimizer,��our fenders AND brackets are guaranteed for life! How can Minimizer��make such an offer? It���s simple ��� we have total confidence in the design and performance of our fenders and bracket kits.

The B100BTPA ��� Plastic Bolt On Bracket Kit has brackets that have remarkable staying power ��� when bumped or bent they ���give��� slightly and spring back into shape without dents or paint chips. These brackets will last as long as you own your Minimizer��fenders ��� we guarantee it!

Use the best fender bracket system available. Offered exclusively from Minimizer��distributors worldwide.

All kits come with the applicable mounting hardware for proper installation:

  • Bracket Arms
  • Plastic Center Bracket Assembly (Plastic Arm mounted to Steel Angle)
  • Plastic Angle/Height Support
  • Mounting Flanges, Mounting Bolts, and Spacers
  • All Bolts, Washers, and Nuts


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Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: B100BTPA

Minimizer Bracket Kit ID: MINB100BTPA | Peterbilt Parts

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